My Whimsical Wood Carvings

 I used to do wood carving a long, long time ago. Sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale. 

I'm taking it up again. My style should fit this site, for the most part. Whimsical and fun. Let's start with this guy. A grumpy corn on the cob.

He looks like he's saying "Do not pick me!"

I got him from a carving video on YouTube. Made plenty of mistakes but adjusted for them. That's what makes each carving unique.

My grandson wanted me to carve a tiki. This changed so many times as I carved but he liked it. I was actually happy with it, too.

Thought about painting it but I really didn't know what colors would work. I told him he could paint it, but he said he liked it the way it was.

This beaver is the first carving I made as I return to wood carving. I want to carve him again when I improve but he may be my favorite so far.

Anyone starting out in wood carving, I recommend keeping your first carvings nearby so you can note the improvements as you progress. When I carve this little guy again, I plan to have this sitting next to me so I can see areas that need improving.

The carvings on the left are from way back when and the carvings on the right are new.

Here's a few more:

Working on carving golf balls.

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