Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Jiggs and Maggie Comic

 In 1913 George McManus introduced Jiggs and Maggie. It was an instant hit. Probably because people could relate to the characters.

Jiggs became an instant millionaire when he won a sweepstake. He would rather hang with his old friends and keep his lifestyle the same but his wife, Maggie, has other ideas. She wants to become upper class and wants Jiggs to do the same.

That's the gist of this comic and it makes for some very funny comic strips. They were also featured in Sunday comics and comic books.

The cartoon, while meant to be funny, also shows the conflict between different social classes. Jiggs would rather go to the bar and sit around drinking with his friends. Maggie tries meeting women who are socially high up.

Quite a contrast.

The hilarity, in part, is watching Jiggs try to escape the constant nagging by hiding out at the bar with his friends. How do think that works out for him?

By the way, this comic was also called "bringing Up Father."

I found this piece of information as I was doing some research on these characters:

"A surrealistic running gag throughout the strip, always removed from the main action of the story, involved hanging wall paintings that "come to life", with subjects often "breaking the fourth wall", escaping the confines of the picture frames, or changing position from panel to panel within the same strip. None of the nominal stars of the strip ever seemed to notice the animated figures, or anything unusual happening on the walls in the background directly behind them."

Honestly I never noticed that so I plan to check some of the strips to see this. That would be unique.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Stickman Dancing On Top of TV #shorts

This stickman is having a blast dancing on top of the television. I used Cartoon Animator 4 Pro to make this video. I didn't make this stickman. They have a marketplace and I purchased it.

I've got other stickmen as well, some I created and some I bought. My plan is to make more cartoon videos using these stick figures as it seems they are still very much liked with Youtube viewers.

I'm curious as to what you would like to see. Would you like to see more stick figures on this site or would classic comic pages be of more interest? 

I also have some characters on the order of South Park and am considering featuring them more. Maybe mixing stick figures into the mix with them.

Stick around for the new year and I'll build this site up for you.