Stickman Comics

Who doesn't like stickmen? Seriously. Advertisers use them. Some middle grade books use them. And now I use them. ha ha.

I'm having a blast drawing stickmen so I decided to make a separate page so they don't start dominating my posts, although they will appear from time to time as posts. The goal is to create a stickman universe and possibly use them in my next middle grade book. We'll see what the future brings.

I started drawing them as a kind of therapy a couple months ago. My wife of 45 years passed away last April (2015) and trying to write new books hasn't been going so well. She was my inspiration. Drawing stickmen and trying to learn to make them "pop" allows my mind to drift. I was doing some drawings while she was alive and even wrote a middle grade book with graphics but without her inspiration, I've been drifting.

That's why I started this comics and cartoons blog. How can you not feel some happiness when cartoons are involved.

So as the new stickman universe takes shape, please bear with me as I try to hone my skills. Not all the stickmen here will be drawn by me but the majority will be. Get ready to have some fun.

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