Learn to Draw Cartoons

Have you ever thought about learning to draw cartoons? I'm talking about either for fun or maybe even as a profession?

I'm an author and I decided a while back that my next book was going to be a graphic book on the order of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Trust me. The thought of trying to compete with Jeff Kinney wasn't on the table. :-). I just wanted to write some fun books that kids and young adults would enjoy reading and when I asked my 11 year old grandson what he liked most about the wimpy kid books, he didn't hesitate to say the pictures.

Drawing Cartoon Tips

* * * One of the best tips I can give you is to study cartoons that are similar to what you want to draw. When I drew cartoons for my "I Hate Homework" book, I studied the wimpy kid books. I didn't want to copy the characters but picked up idea as to how I wanted my characters to look.

At the moment I'm studying a drawing book by Charles Schultz on how to draw the Peanuts characters. I want to develop some characters for a planned series I'm working on.


Here is a short tutorial on drawing cartoons that you should find very useful.


Remember I said draw your new characters but don't worry if they are exact when you first start using them? Well here is a picture that shows Snoopy as he evolved through the years. Impressive, right? Charles Schultz kept tweaking him and that's why Peanuts has remained so popular.


Links to drawing cartoon articles/websites

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