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I don't care if you're a kid or an adult, I'm betting you like cartoons or at least read one or two comic strips in your newspaper.

Am I right?

I still have some comic books from when I was a kid. Not the ones that have increased in value of course. :-) But who ever bought a comic book hoping it would someday make you rich?

Dennis the Menace was always one of my favorites and I don't remember but I'll betcha I started drinking root beer because he drank it. Saturday morning cartoon shows included Mighty Mouse and Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry are still going strong but not so with Mighty Mouse. I had to show my grandson a Mighty Mouse cartoon on YouTube so he would know who I was talking about when I'd sing "Here I come to save the day."

I'm a writer and I lost most of my imagination and desire to write when my wife passed away this past April so I gravitated to cartoons because how can you not feel at least somewhat happy watching cartoons or reading the comics?

So many have forgotten the comics from back in what many call the golden age of comics. I started checking into these and decided some needed to be revived. That's what I'm doing now with this site and my Facebook page and books I am currently working on.

If you find some of the comic books or cartoons on this site that particularly interest you, leave a comment on that post or page and I'll work on adding more.

This is a family friendly site. I want kids to be able to visit it and read some of the old comics and some of my versions (at times I add my own dialogue to the text balloons) without parents worrying about the content.


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