Friday, March 22, 2024

Wood Carved Pickle Resembles Bart Simpson

Grab a cup of coffee and come and listen bout a story of a man called Jeb . . . Whoops. Wrong story.

 Is it just me or does this pickle resemble Bart Simpson?

Funny story. I started out trying to carve a ghost. I cut in the arms and didn't like them so carved away. Turned it around and tried again. Same result. Carved those away.

Now the carving was getting too thin to be a ghost. So I dug in some eyes.


Carved them away. Added eyes and was going to carve a wide-open mouth with teeth when my first cuts made me realize a tongue was protruding. So I carved it, and it became a tongue.

I finished and wasn't sure what it was but noticed the carving resembled Bart Simpson somewhat. Finally, I decided it was a pickle. Probably what Bart would look like if he became a pickle. 

Oh and, if you never watched the Beverly Hillbillies, you don't have a clue about how I started this story. 😊

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