Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Beetle Bailey - Memories

 I came across this Beetle Bailey metal sign on Ebay. I was looking for a Beetle Bailey sign I could add to one of my walls in my newly decorated cartoon room.

I grabbed this the moment I saw it because I can relate to this picture. I was a sergeant in the army, and it was my last couple days in Vietnam. I have no idea why I had a bucket of water near me. It's possible one of the Vietnamese girls was cleaning our barracks. I was inside because the last few days of my tour I was not allowed to leave the area for safety reasons.

Anyway, I grabbed the bucket and walked to the door and yelled "Geronimo" as I tossed the water outside. It was like slow motion because as I was tossing the water, I saw the captain walking towards me, and I tried but couldn't stop the momentum. He got soaked.

I started apologizing to him but also couldn't stop laughing. The captain was not a friendly guy, but he surprised me. I don't remember his exact words, but it was on the order that I was lucky I was going home, and it was a good thing I was well respected for my time there.

I'll never forget that moment and this sign was a must have.

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