Sunday, August 6, 2023

Fritzi Ritz

The Fritzi Ritz comic started way back in 1922. When she first appeared, she was a woman who was mainly interested in clothes, cosmetics, and men. 

There were a lot of changes to her character as the years went by, but many remember her first as the aunt and parental figure to Nancy, an 8-year-old, who was brought into the Fritzi Ritz cartoon as a house guest. She was supposed to arrive and disappear. 

Nancy took over the comic and eventually became the main character in her own comic book. I used to read the Nancy and Sluggo comics and they were pretty entertaining back then. 

As a result, Fritzi changed into a woman with responsibilities and became a secondary character. However, she started appearing as her own carefree self in her Sunday comic strips.

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