Thursday, June 22, 2023

New Name - Coffee Break Funnies

 Coffee Break Funnies is still, but the name on the header has changed.


First off, I've had some people contact me and say they love reading my blog while having their morning coffee or taking a coffee break. So I was like . . .  Cool!

I'll change the name to Coffee Break Funnies. :-) 

I'll still be bringing you some public domain comics, and my own comics I create as well as cartoon animations. I just thought this was kinda cool. Many times I work on this blog while enjoying a cup of coffee. 

And there's another reason.

It's said there are over 1 billion coffee drinkers worldwide. 1 Billion! So I'm looking for at least 1 million readers. Maybe even . . . . OK.

This blog is on the lighthearted side. So is anything I say. But still?

By the way, there will be plenty of posts giving you FAKE facts about coffee. Even though I'll warn you when the facts are fake, I'm sure I'll be getting fact checked. 

I mean, this is a cartoon site.

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