Saturday, May 27, 2023

Beetle Bailey


Two of my favorite cartoon characters when I was growing up were Beetle Bailey and Popeye. I have shirts with each of them on it and really wish I could legally add these characters to my funny mug store.

I was in the army from 1966 - 1969 and spent 2 years in Vietnam. Beetle was popular among many of us for obvious reasons. In basic training, when I was assigned duties of washing dishes or peeling potatoes, I would think of Beetle.

Beetle was always lazy and would avoid work whenever possible. Sgt. Snorkel would be frustrated with him and was always on his case. It kind of reminded me of Gomer Pyle and Sgt. Carter.

By Beetle Bailey comic strip, saved as png file from a 21 November 2007 daily strip posted at Seattle Post-Intelligencer website (, Fair use,

Beetle Bailey's love life is just as entertaining as his military escapades. He's known for his crush on Miss Buxley, a secretary at the base. Unfortunately for Beetle, his attempts to impress her usually end in hilarious failures.

His sleeping habits were legendary. He could fall asleep anywhere and often did. 

I never really came across anyone during my time in the army that reminded me of Beetle. I guess he was unique.

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