Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Bigfoot Is Real!

 There's always an interest in Bigfoot. Is he real? Is he a hoax? Here's his picture so you can see he is real. 😅

As those of you who follow this site and/or my animation Youtube site know, I dabble in animation using Cartoon Animator 4. I dabble. That means I try new things so that hopefully each new animation shows some improvement, but I am by no means a pro. It's just fun and some people seem to enjoy the videos.

Anyway, I bought an Abominable Snowman character at Reallusion and, with some color changes, turned him into my own unique cartoon Bigfoot. I am working on Bigfoot animations on my Youtube channel at 
Tude Animation - YouTube.   

I've also opened a store on Zazzle and I feature my Bigfoot character here: Cartoon Bigfoot Gifts (

I've been getting back some nice feedback, so I plan on featuring him on this site as well as my Youtube channel. I have even considered writing a book for Amazon. I use to write books under the pseudo name B.D. Knight but haven't written one since my wife died 7 years ago. This guy might change that.

I'd be interested to know if you would like to see more of this cartoon Bigfoot? What do you think of him?  

Here is my last video. 

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