Monday, January 18, 2021

Draw Your Own Stickman - Free Program

 This isn't a tutorial but I wanted to tell you how you could go about drawing your own stickman. Put it on your blog or on a shirt or whatever. 

I used a program called Sketch Book. I gotta tell; This is a terrific program. 

And it's FREE!

It used to cost money. I don't remember how much but somewhere around 30 bux seems right. 

It takes a little time to figure out how to use all the tools and what they each do but you should be able to sit down and draw a simple stick figure in no time. Here's what I drew in a couple minutes.

I found a pencil I liked and cheated on the head, using the circle tool. However, the rest I drew freehand (using the mouse) and did no changes to the drawing. That's what's cool about drawing stick figures. They pretty much look good no matter what.

Go check out the program and start doodling. 

I had forgot about this program until I needed to draw a head for a stick figure I was modifying in my animation program. I wanted a certain thickness so it did take me awhile to get what I wanted but the results were right on.

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