Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cartoons and This Blog

I love cartoons. I shouldn't tell you this but I'm in my 60's and still watch cartoons and not only when my grandson is with me.

I can still remember way back when the first half hour featured cartoon made its appearance. Yep - that would be The Flintstones.

There was the Loony Tunes and Tom and Jerry and Popeye. Those were the days.

Jump for joy. Those days are back. Cartoons are maybe more popular now than ever. Of course we have Pixar Studios putting out full length movies in a new style of cartoon. The 3D effects and animation nowadays makes these characters seem real but you really can't call them cartoons in the real sense.

Nothing beats the old cartoons.

When I talk cartoons I may interchange the term with comics. Don't beat me up. Comic books and comic strips are cartoons. Plain and simple.

I did forget to introduce myself. I'm B.D. Knight. I write fractured fairy tales and stories for kids and young adults. Recently I've been adding some cartoon type drawings in my books similar to The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Well, not really similar. Jeff Kinney's drawing blow mine away. My forte is writing but I got requests to start adding some drawings in my books.

The problem is I like to keep the cost of my books low. Adding someone to do illustrations would mean my books would have to double or triple in cost. Instead I learned a little about drawing cartoons and added some to one of my books. They were crude but the response was terrific. So I'll keep doing so and who knows? Maybe someday I'll be an actual cartoonist.

Cartoons are meant to entertain. Look at Peanuts by Charles Schultz. Once I started learning to draw I realized he drew things simple. Backgrounds were limited and the eyes on the characters were dots. It works! It works because they are funny. I mean I've read some comics where the drawings are detailed and blow you away but they lacked a good story.

I'll take Charlie Brown or Calvin and Hobbs any day.

This site is meant to be fun and entertaining and I hope kids of all ages will enjoy it and other adults like me who refuse to grow up might enjoy it as well.


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